Tuesday, January 12, 2010

numero duo

so you all know the logic behind my shortie famous person thingy
Natalie Portman is absolutely beautiful and is know for being very petite
the miniscule actress is only 5'3 !!

Wearing Lanvin for the 2005 Oscars

and was anyone else mesmerized by her spread in V magazine?

Swimsuit top Bottega Venatta, Shoulder pads Keko Hainswheeler

I guess it's second nature to look this good when you've been friends with Issac Mizrahi since you were 14 and Zac Posen considers you his muse.
For her 2003 New Year's Pary she wore a Zac Posen dress that had $10,000 worth of crystals sewn into it. I want that gig!!!

and here is Mr Posen with his muse

I love Natalie, she's beautiful, a great actress and has great style

Thursday, January 7, 2010

numero uno

if i am entirely honest (which i always try to be), i will tell you that i am not exactly the tallest person in the world. FAR from it! So i was very relieved to find out -with the help if IMDb- that many great actresses who I really admire are not really that tall. Take these two for instance.

This is the two of them at fashion week

Did you know that Mary-Kate is only 4'11 with Ashley being only just 5' ?!?! I feel much better...
So for the next few weeks i will be bringing you (as well as a regular post) many other short -rather, petite- stars to prove that the small of us are not little at heart!
TTFN, Ta Ta For Now!