Monday, July 4, 2011

o say can you see

Happy Independence Day!!
In England its not a big deal the most you'll get is if you write the date in class someone might say "Is it Independence Day?" turn to me and go "HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!"
but thats still fun :)

(my mom and dad at the table)
we had a pretty mellow evening, i did hang up some flags to make things a little more festive (these are now hanging up in my bedroom :P)

(my momma making the burgers)
we did the sort of usual burgers and fries thing but with a little twist

i dont know what gave my parents the idea of putting shallots in or on burgers but they are so good it's probably illegal

burgers are good with cheddar and shallots! And a blob of the fancy ketchup my dad buys which i say i dont prefer to Heinz but if i'm honest with myself, i really do!

we did still have heinz on the tale though, it went on a little tray wich was kind of cute but my parents kind ruined it by going "oh its so 60s. it's SOO 60s!" and then is seemed a little weird simply coz they thought it was really cool

which, yeah it kind of is

i gotta be honest, last year's july 4th surprise was a bit more, well, surprising

cause not gonna lie, he's more exciting than good burgers :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


the end of the year is near, and end of year internals are even nearer....
and despite the fact that i swore that this year my summer half term aka revision week would actually be time well spent and i wouldn't panic at the last minute about the fact that it was almost the end ot the week and i still hadn't got any good solid work done. But, oh wait. I kept that promise and did good solid work, and yet the panic of "shit it's thursday, my exams start at 8.30 am on Monday is still here!!! WHY!!! This year i found revision a little easier as i don't have to take subject that i don't like. Like geography... She and I have always had a rocky relationship, and a piece of the burned one page of notes I made for her exam is still happily blu tacked to my bedroom wall :)
Is it bad that I'm kinda sad that I can't do that again this year? Oh well...

this is charlie, who seem to share my feelings

I now feel guilty, and should probably get off the computer now, and return to convincing myself that I will do some revision...

Friday, April 8, 2011

teenage-ism has some downsides...

i'd like for it to be known these are not my teeth... but major respect for whoever took this photo!

Braces. Oi Vey the things teen have to go through these days...
i too have had the unpleasant experience of braces, these massive metal thing that get shoved onto your teeth by dentists who know full well that this will cause the wearer great pain, and see's the massive sores they get from the VERY foreign object shoved in your mouth "just part of the package". Don't you just love modern medicine...
Anyways i know how frustrating they are, so here are some pretty people who now have straight teeth who had braces to help myself and all others who are still suffering get through it
We got to stick together

James Franco
( and sorry he's so big. But he's REALLY pretty so we can look at him even more :D )

Dakota Fanning

Jamie Bell

Drew Barrymore

Thomas Sangster

Emma Watson

And Tommy didn't even get them till 2002...

We can do it!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

temporary freedom!

Easter Break is here!!! Yay!!!
hence the easter-y colors!
Easter Eggs by maliburachel

So today marked the first day of my school easter break!!! Exciting!!!
All the years above me go back to gsce's and a levels but we have one more year until that monstrosity... thank the lord
Just doing some private rejoicing at the moment but i'm really quite tired so hopefully will actually sit down and write something tomorrow...
I say that with a bit of conviction that it might happen :s

Sunday, March 6, 2011

new idea's...

okay so for ages i have been trying to think about what i'm trying to do here for a "theme" for this, 'cause everything you read about blogging and why other bloggers are successful is because they have a "theme" or a uniform idea with what they're about. and i see why these are successful because that way you can google "fashion blogs" or "cooking blogs you can come up with there creme de la crop of blogs that talk exclusively and passionately about what the writer is passionate about. and this is great! i myself love the fact that in doing this you can come up with great people like selby or tavi or yvan and julie who are really awesome and articulate about what they do and don't have to worry about swearing or saying something "controversial" (or in yvan and a bit in selby's case, taking photo's of "controversial" things) without having to worry about what the middle man thinks. And this because, there IS no middle man. The whole blogging revolution has appealed to so many people because everyone can go and set up an account for free, write a bit, click "publish" and people like me who write when we have a spare moment or when we have a random thought that inspires us to write about something that we enjoy or had fun doing can get a little rush and at the click of a little button, can feel like a portentous little journalists for a few minutes!
one problem that i've had here, is that i'll be the first to admit that looking over my previous posts, if this blog popped up on my homepage on blogspot, i wouldn't read it! it doesn't have a uniform theme, and i think partly that there isn't any one thing that i'm passionate about, but so many! at the same time, I am envious of Tavi, having the ability to write so well about the fashion she see's and is able to find the most incredible things from the Salvation Army and turn them into these incredible pieces. I like Tavi also love fashion, and though my dad isn't crazy about it, I actually find the industry really interesting, and though i doubt that if i did put my blog under the category of "fashion", i'd be able to write about fashion, not as well as She does, but alright! The problem with this would be that i know and can tell you now that i would half the time think of what i think is a good idea about a post that i could write about, but feel like i couldn't because mine was supposed to be a "fashion" blog.
What made me really happy the other day, was coming across the blog Currently Obsessed With. It made me realize that it doesn't really matter if you don't quite have a theme or a niche that your blog fits into, as long a you write well about what you really care about!
So that's my plan, and maybe in a few months i'll look over it and see some kind of pattern emerging in it and be able to categorize is somewhere other than the abyss of the other teenage blogs in the "miscellaneous" category :P
however for now, i'm content, and i'll see you round xx