Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let it Snow!

So I'm not sure i yet mentioned, but I flew out to Washington D.C. a few days ago. Hence the absence of posts. Anyway, turn on the news and you will see that we have quite a lot of snow here! My family and I are walking everywhere in the snow because there are no buses running, the D.C. metro has shut down because of ice on the tracks, and no cab drivers want to brave the snow! So we did some Christmas shopping today, in case they're reading (which I doubt) I won't divulge any of the gifts I bought...yet! The one thing both my mother and I bought the other day was go out and buy snow boots! We raced into Finellie's Basement (if that's how you spell it!) literally minutes before it closed. So, naturally, what we found was what we got! I'm planning on attacking them with my Grandmother's paint when we get down to Long Island. If we ever do! There's two feet of snow there too apparently. I'm excited. I get to see my Grandparents, and my other Godmother who is an ex dancer-turned yoga instructor. She also knitts really well. Not the kind where you smile, say "Yes it's great" when you get, and then burn with relish when you get home. The kind of insane scarfs, obscure neck-warmer things, and pretty cool ponco's. Anyway, off to dinner now. Back soon!

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