Friday, April 8, 2011

teenage-ism has some downsides...

i'd like for it to be known these are not my teeth... but major respect for whoever took this photo!

Braces. Oi Vey the things teen have to go through these days...
i too have had the unpleasant experience of braces, these massive metal thing that get shoved onto your teeth by dentists who know full well that this will cause the wearer great pain, and see's the massive sores they get from the VERY foreign object shoved in your mouth "just part of the package". Don't you just love modern medicine...
Anyways i know how frustrating they are, so here are some pretty people who now have straight teeth who had braces to help myself and all others who are still suffering get through it
We got to stick together

James Franco
( and sorry he's so big. But he's REALLY pretty so we can look at him even more :D )

Dakota Fanning

Jamie Bell

Drew Barrymore

Thomas Sangster

Emma Watson

And Tommy didn't even get them till 2002...

We can do it!

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