Monday, July 4, 2011

o say can you see

Happy Independence Day!!
In England its not a big deal the most you'll get is if you write the date in class someone might say "Is it Independence Day?" turn to me and go "HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!"
but thats still fun :)

(my mom and dad at the table)
we had a pretty mellow evening, i did hang up some flags to make things a little more festive (these are now hanging up in my bedroom :P)

(my momma making the burgers)
we did the sort of usual burgers and fries thing but with a little twist

i dont know what gave my parents the idea of putting shallots in or on burgers but they are so good it's probably illegal

burgers are good with cheddar and shallots! And a blob of the fancy ketchup my dad buys which i say i dont prefer to Heinz but if i'm honest with myself, i really do!

we did still have heinz on the tale though, it went on a little tray wich was kind of cute but my parents kind ruined it by going "oh its so 60s. it's SOO 60s!" and then is seemed a little weird simply coz they thought it was really cool

which, yeah it kind of is

i gotta be honest, last year's july 4th surprise was a bit more, well, surprising

cause not gonna lie, he's more exciting than good burgers :)

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