Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer 2012

For me, as with all other recent public exam-takers, will go on and on and on as we wait for, in my case, August 23rd, when we will get the little envelope that will dictate weather our time at Reading will be a celebration or an attempt to drown out our sorrows at our results. 
I'm hoping for the former...
However this wait will be made startlingly less painful by the summer my Dad has worked out for me and my family. 
Starting with Africa, our 57 day trip will take us from London across the pacific to Nairobi, on to Naivasha and to a stint in the Masai Mara, then back to Nairobi for my fathers board meetings and my week of work experience. 
Back across the Pacific to London for a few hours, the then head over the Atlantic to New York City, winding up in Long Island, Maine, all over California and then to Vermont where my little sister and I go to camp at Craftsbury together.
So I think I'll be able to struggle through.

It was actually at my dad's suggestion that I write a day-by-day blog about what I get up to over this summer, an idea I was already toying with but that extra nudge from Daddy was exactly what I needed.
So here it is, a digital diary of the travels of my family and I, Summer 2012.

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