Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just your average 4 th of July

so we were headed to New York for part 1 of our summer adventure and guess who was in the airport lounge?

mr Dev Patel was headed to Japan i assume to promote his new movie and it was my leetle seester who spotted him first and she wasn't sure who he was at first (having not seen slumdog millionaire or watched skins) but her suspicions were confirmed when two other little ladies went up and asked him to take a picture with them so....
we figured they paved the way for us

and then who would be on our plane but, drum roll please, Matthew Morrisson from Glee!! after making small talk as he was sitting practically in the seat next to us we finally thought it was ok enough to ask for a picture

so, naturally, we did! now my sister and I have renamed fedora's "Matthew Morrisson Hat's" we're working on making it official, i dont think it'll catch on though...
so it was a pretty good 4th of July, and we just about made it to see the end of the fireworks!

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