Sunday, August 22, 2010

yoga classes are fuuuunnnn

so today i did something not quite the norm of kids my age, i took a yoga class. my godmother is a former dancer. whilst still dancing, she began taking yoga classes to help her warm up for performances. then, when she stopped taking dance classes, she just took more yoga classes. lo and behold, now she's a yoga instructor! don't get me wrong, i first took yoga classes in school when i was like, 10. too young to get it, and it is an acquired taste, but it was really fun! sure it made it much cooler that my teacher was my godmother who i don't see a whole lot but it made me feel great! it was also fun having lunch with her afterwords because so many people in the town came over and said how much they loved her classes! when we first got down there i got really intimidated by all of her regulars who were getting their blocks and blankets and ties (most of which i still have no idea what it's for...) and some looking at me like i was some weird alien organism when she needed the bathroom and i had to sign people in, but then a very nice pregnant woman and her elderly mother came in, and i figured i'd be fine. even if someone carrying a child was far better than i... she was. and yes whist chanting aum three times, i was reminded of the yoga club i took in 4th grade when everyone burst out laughing when the teacher suggested we do this. i have also since fallen in love with hare krishna music, for which all my friends think is really weird, not like thats new! i was also amazed that by the end of the class i actually knew what some of the poses were called like downward facing dog and child's pose, and didn't have to blindly copy the people in front and next to me -who i think i was making feel self-conscious...sorry- and all that's good! so basically, yoga's fun. it's also fun to do something just for the sake of doing it. not because you're good at it, or you have to, but purely because it makes you feel happy or makes you laugh, or for no reason at all, do it just for the hell of it. i would recommend yoga. but if it's not for you, as my godmother says "It's a yoga class for God's sake!"

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